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How to Get to Sunhouse Hostel

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How to Get to Sunhouse Hostel

• From the Intercity Bus Station (Rodoviaria)

Walk outside the bus station and take the path way heading towards the right side of the building. Keep walking until you see the local City Bus Terminal (TICEN). Go to the Platform A and catch the bus 320 OR 330 called LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO it will take you to LAGOA'S BUS TERMINAL.

• From the Airport

Take the bus Corredor Sudoeste that goes to the CITY BUS TERMINAL (TICEN). From the city teminal take the 320, 330 into LAGOA'S BUS TERMINAL (TILAG) 

• From the Lagoa's Terminal

From Lagoa Terminal get the bus 360 - BARRA DA LAGOA at no charge, you just switch buses. Be aware that its a very short ride on this bus (3-5 maximum) be ready to jump off in the next coming stops. When you see a big Ipiranga Petrol Station, you have to get off the bus at the next stop. You need to get off the bus at Pracinha da Lagoa pull on the cord above your head you to request a stop. The stop is just before you cross a little bridge. If you cross the bridge you passed the stop that you should have taken. But no problem because the next stop is just across the bridge and you can walk back towards the Pracinha da Lagoa!

• From the Pracinha da Lagoa (community park)

Walk across the Park that has a children's playground in it. Walk past a bakery (Padaria da Lagoa) and the "cheese house" (Queijaria) on your right side and turn right . Walk a few meters and turn left into our street, Rua Altenor Vieira. Walk until you reach 377 Sunhouse Backpackers 5th house on your left and welcome home !

• Short Directions

• Take the 320 OR 330 LAGOA THE CONCEICAO bus at the main intercity bus station (TICEN).

• At the Lagoa's bus terminal take the 360-BARRA DA LAGOA. Ask the bus driver to stop at the "Pracinha da Lagoa".

• Walk across the community park that has a children's playground in it.

• Walk past a bakery (Padaria da Lagoa) and a "cheese house" (Queijaria Bom Paladar) on your right side, and turn right .

• Few meters on your left is Rua Altenor Vieira street. Walk until you reach 377 Sunhouse Backpackers 5th house on your left.

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